Anonymous whispered: Thank you so much!!!! Sorry, just one more question - was it already a double ponytailed wig or did you style it that way??

Woah woah sorry for the mega late reply!

It was just a regular wig when I purchased it :) I did the pony tails myself, which meant the back of the weave showed a little bit :/ 

A good place that sells proper ponytailed wigs is ardawigs but when I went there they were sold out of Gaige’s colour :( If you want to experiment with dying then they are definitely the better option!


Anonymous whispered: Where on earth did your gaige get her fantastic wig???

It was just a basic ebay auburn wig which I styled myself :) I actually got pretty lucky with that one, it turned out to be a pretty good quality wig! 
I’m pretty sure I got it from here~

Hope this helps!



Black ★ Rock Shooter

Photo by Thomas Collins




Going through someone’s supanova folder and i found this!!! Damn Soap ur Chell is fiiiiiine!

Chell (Portal 2)


wait when did this happen omgitsmewhat
thank you bubbles <3 


More Sydnova adventures!

  • Haku was Fox Aradia on Friday, Calhoun on Saturday
  • Bubbles was Grimbark Jade on Sunday
  • Anny was Cat Nepeta, Fix-It Felix on Saturday
  • Soap was Bat Kanaya on Friday, God Tier Rose on Saturday
  • Kareka was Eridan on Saturday


My Flame Princess cosplay for Supanova :)

Photographers: (in order)

E Photography - George Wong - Scott’s Cosplay

Other Sydnova cosplays from TheEliteCosplay!

  • Haku as Miss Martian
  • Elodia and Anny as Journey Travellers
  • Cassie as Flame Princess
  • Bubbles as Hipster Ariel

Thanks to everyone who stopped for photos with us!

Some photos thanks to this lovely  ♥

Some photos of TheEliteCosplay at Sydney Supanova 2013!

  • Bubbles as Grimbark Jade
  • Anny as Fix-it Felix
  • Haku as casual Sgt. Calhoun
  • Kareka as Eridan
  • Soap as God Tier Rose
  • Cassie as Gaige

Thanks to everyone else who stopped for a photo with us!

Some photos thanks to this spunky fox  ♥